Steriltom formats tomato pulp
Good Italian tomato since 1934

The wholesale packages for Steriltom products

Steriltom was the first Italian company to bet on aseptic bag as container destined to Horeca channel

Steriltom packages

Our packages

Steriltom products are available in 2,5 kg, 3 kg and 4,1 kg can and in bag in box. Steriltom was the first Italian company to focus on bag in box as a container destined for Horeca channel and today it is the first European producer of Tomato Pulp in bag in box. In the industrial sector we work with corporations which operate in food industry and use Tomato Pulp as raw material for their productions: pizzas, lasagna, ready sauces/meals and other prepared foods. Steriltom was the first company on the market to introduce jute sacks of 850 kg to let its customers have a saving in economic terms and a higher convenience of use and storage.

The packages


Traditional packaging in 2,5 kg, 3 kg, 4,05 kg and 4,1 kg.

2,5 kg can 3 kg can 4,05 kg can 4,1 kg can
Drained Weight (Kg) 1,5 1,8 2,43 2,43
Items/carton 6 6 3 3
Cartons/tier 5 7 11 11
Tiers/pallet 10 7 6 6
Cartons/pallet 50 49 66 66
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The packages

Bag in box

Also available with easy open cap. Available in 2,6 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, and 15 kg.

2,6 kg bag in box 5 kg bag in box 10 kg bag in box 15 kg bag in box
Drained Weight (Kg) 1,56 3,00 6,00 9,00
Items/carton 3 2 1 1
Cartons/tier 16 16 16 9
Tiers/pallet 6 5 5 5
Cartons/pallet 96 80 80 45
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The packages


Available in the 210 kg format

210 kg Drum
Drained Weight (Kg) 126
Items/pallet 4
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The packages

Big boxes and Goodpack

Available in 850 kg and 1350 kg sizes

850 kg big boxes 1350 kg goodpack
Drained Weight (Kg) 510 810
Items/pallet 1 1
pallet steriltom

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