Brands and PL steriltom
Good Italian tomato since 1934

Brands and PL

The souls of Steriltom tomato sauce


Brands and PL
that guarantee quality, reliability and sustainability

The souls of Steriltom tomato sauce, meant for professionals and treated with patented sterilisation processes that guarantee its quality and security. Steriltom produces both self-brand crushed tomatoes and customer’s private label one, exporting wholesale crushed tomatoes worldwide for four generations. In Italy and abroad Steriltom brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and sustainability

Special Pizza Due Fagiani

The essence of our crushed tomatoes, meant for professionals

Historic brand of Steriltom, for more than 40 years it has embodied our philosophy of work dedicated to the ones that work with pulp every day and expects quality and practicality. A line meant for pizza professionals.

O’Sole Mio

Our ultimate Italian heart

To the sound of a song that embodies the soul of Italy in the world, a brand was established that embodies symbol of tricolour cuisine. Because Italy means genuine products and tasty food.

Don Carlo

The great classic signed by the father of crushed tomatoes (also called ground tomatoes)

The brand of the heart, requested by Steriltom president Carlo Squeri who chose to stand up for it with this product to ensure the quality of his pulp made of good Italian tomato since 1934.


The lightness of spring in one bite

A brand that is a tribute to the nature of Piacenza’s valleys, where Steriltom tomato is grown with love and dedication while respecting the environment and human health.

Fresco Natura

The perfection of freshness: our Tomato

A brand that encloses the essence of our crushed tomatoes (also called ground tomatoes), obtained by fresh tomatoes harvested in the fields near the company and processed immediately after the harvest.


Where everything started from: our heart, our history

The brand of memory, the first one introduced by the Company founder Dario Giuseppe, the first excellent product of the Squeri family.

Chef Gourmet

A work of art meant for professionals

The tastiness of a dish is measured by the raw material behind it. The brand Chef Gourmet is meant for industry professionals who wants a "premium" line to give a bit of gourmet to their creations.

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