Crushed tomatoes Fine Pulp
Good Italian tomato since 1934

Crushed tomatoes Fine Pulp

Steriltom's Tomato Pulp little sister. Same taste, same freshness but smaller pieces.

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The main characteristic of our fine crushed tomato is the size of the tomato cube, finer than the traditional crushed tomato. This product is also used for the preparation of first courses or tomato-based sauces, but many chefs also use it for the preparation of pizzas thanks to a higher density degree

Crushed tomatoes Fine Pulp
Meant for professionals of pizza

Crushed tomatoes Fine Pulp

The little sister. Same taste, same freshness but smaller pieces.

The sieve changes, the freshness does not change. Crushed tomatoes Fine Pulp has the same taste properties as Crushed Tomatoes (also called ground tomatoes), but with a smaller piece size (6x6 mm). The texture of the product, cleaner and smoother, makes it particularly suited to the preparation of appetizers, meat and fish and perfect for traditional Italian pizza. Tasty and rich, it is specifically adapted to professionals of pizza. Easy to spread and with excellent performance it gives pizza a fresh taste of Italian tomato.

can 2,5 kg
can 3 kg
can 4,05 kg
bag in box 5 kg
bag in box 10 kg
drum 210 kg

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polpa fine


Crushed tomatoes Fine Pulp

barattolo filling fine pulp


2,5 kg, 3kg and 4,05 kg
hot filling fine pulp

Bag in box

5 kg
hot filling fine pulp

Bag in box

10 kg
fusto fine pulp


210 kg

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