Sustainability, our Green Heart
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The green heart of Steriltom


The green heart of Steriltom


Innovation and sustainability have been for years at the heart of the philosophy at Steriltom, that lives the territory in which it produces and it preserves its environment and people. For many years we have brought forward projects of environmental sustainability, and development of innovative plans to minimise interactions with environment and territory. Farm-to-table process and clean energy self handling are some of the cornerstones of a working philosophy that led us to obtain EN ISO 14001 certification about environmental management systems.

Clean energy

Our energy from the sun

The planet health is not only a value, but a real priority for our present and future. For this reason, the company has introduced a photovoltaic system, a new engine for the daily pulp production. Steriltom photovoltaic plant of 963 kw represents a clean energy source which feeds about 30% of the whole company during the production and allows us to save more than 670 tons a year of CO2.


From the field to the company: our farm-to-table process

More than 80% of fresh tomatoes which are processed by Steriltom come from fields located within a radius of 20-25 km from the company. This means lower pollutant emissions into air and less stress for tomatoes that do not have to suffer long travels in the sun. A philosophy that benefits both the environment and the quality of crushed tomato.

QC Emilia Romagna

logo QCQc: from certification of Emilia Romagna region to our good practices

- Crop rotation
- No soil erosion thanks to the appropriate balance of nitrogen
- Ban on the use of fumigant and dangerous chemical substances
- Use of smart drip irrigation systems with control on soil moisture
- Multi-residual analysis for every company and for a minimum of 1000 tons (more than 400 active substances are recognised)
- Crop residues incorporation
- Ecological infrastructure
- Soil analysis

Our agricultural producers

At the side of agricultural producers: only together can you grow up

Steriltom establishes with its best agricultural producers long term agreements in which it fixes a guaranteed minimum price that the company undertakes to pay for a default number of years.
Plus for agricultural company
- Security on the tomato profitability even under exceptional weather conditions;
- Opportunity to plan long term investments for the car fleet modernization or for the introduction of new technology.
Plus for Steriltom
- Security on having at its disposal necessary fresh tomatoes quantities even in years of difficult harvest;
- Stronger relations with agricultural producers to develop joint projects and partnerships in terms of research and innovation.

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