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Tomato processing

Our work philosophy is based on food ethics and respect for the agricultural world. They are not only values. Indeed, they are the strongholds of our crushed tomato quality.

How we do it

Our way of working

For four generations, Steriltom has been synonymous of certified quality and guaranteed origin crushed tomato. This because we have never forgotten our agricultural "soul", we decided to enhance its values through our continuous propensity to the future. We were the first in Italy to specialize the production in crushed tomato and to introduce the bag in box on the market. We are spokespersons for the Italian crushed tomato culture and excellence in the world: our pursuit to innovation and high quality underlines our passion and courage in what we have always done. We place food and production ethics at the heart of our activities, always focused on the excellence of the raw material and the enhancement of agricultural work.

The processing

Quality selection

selezione qualità

Evaluation of the raw material:
The truck enters and a sample is taken to assess its quality. If the truck does not have the necessary quality, it can be rejected.

Selection of the raw material:
All green tomatoes, aggregates, yellow tomatoes and all defective ones are discarded. We select only the best tomatoes to make our crushed tomatoes (also called ground tomatoes).

The processing

Tomato Extrusion


The tomatoes, washed and selected, enter production and, after a quick burn that makes the skin soft and a first cut into cubes, go into the "pounder" that crushes them and derives their pulp (excluding most of the seeds and peels).

The processing

Product packaging


The sterilized product is packaged in tins or in bag in box. For tins, there is also a further pasteurization step.

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