steriltom: A family history

Good Italian tomato since 1934

A family history

The origins: four generations of passion for tomatoes

Steriltom: a family history

The origins: Four generations of passion for the Crushed Tomato

Steriltom history corresponds to the Squeri’s family, who has been managing the company for four generations with deep roots in the Italian territory. Founded in 1934 by Dario Giuseppe Squeri in Piacenza - in the heart of the Italian tomato production - Steriltom is the market leader in the crushed tomato processing for the Food Service and Industrial channels. With years in international export, we are the crushed tomato wholesale suppliers that you were looking for.

1953 2018
Steriltom: a family history

Quality and Innovation in the wholesale market

A pioneer heart has been beating in our company since it was founded. In 1953, after the acquisition of the Conserve Alimentari Corradi Company, the flagship brand "Due Fagiani" came into existence and nowadays still represents the most famous Steriltom product range in the world. 1968 becomes a turning-point year for the history of tomato processing: thanks to Ghiretti company, Carlo Squeri – Dario Giuseppe’s son – plans and realizes the first industrial machine for crushed tomato production. In these years the first exportations in Europe and in the world start under the "Due Fagiani" brand. In 1992 the Squeri family introduces the sterilization method and the "bag in box" technology in the tomato market. The company is officially known as Steriltom: with this name it starts its growth and in few years it becomes the leader in its industry, continuing the wholesale crushed tomato export.
Steriltom increases its presence on the international market, bringing in short term its Tomato to more than 80 countries around the world. In 2018 STERILTOM acquires the production plant in Argenta (ex Ferrara Foods), increasing the production capacity and expanding the product portfolio

Steriltom: a family history

When the vision becomes reality

Nowadays, with more than 4.100.000 tons of fresh tomato processed into Crushed Tomato, we are the biggest European wholesale producer for the Ho.Re.Ca/Food Service and Industrial channels. Innovation and technology are the main principles of our company, which stands by its customers side as a reliable and punctual partner, always ready to cooperate and invest in the growth. Our strength is the quality of raw materials and professionalism in processing. We are the good Italian tomato since 1934.

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