Values of the Good 100% Italian Tomato Pulp

Good Italian tomato since 1934


We are a family company which sees the family in its company

Good Italian tomato since 1934

Our quality

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well". The tastiness of a dish stems firstly from the quality of raw materials which it is composed of and in Steriltom we never give up on quality, by selecting the best products, working side by side with agricultural producers and complying with strict inner processing specifications. From the field to the dish, our Tomato Pulp (finely chopped tomatoes) has been made of good Italian tomato since 1934.

A real farm-to-table process, from the product and from the people

Our farm-to-table products

85% of Steriltom tomatoes are grown within a radius of 25 km from the farm, in the centre of Piacenza’s province, an area that holds the record in Northern Italy for the cultivation of this wonderful fruit. This means care for raw materials, which is not stressed by long travels, care for the environment with lower CO2 emission, care for freshness because the product is harvested just before being processed. A real farm-to-table process from the product and from the people.

Growing together by working together

Being Smart

Being part of a project means reducing distances and speaking a common language made of trust, immediacy and productivity. It means being Smart. In Steriltom we made this word a working style. We are at the side of our customers all the time, by ensuring a constant support and a personalized project assistance, with versatile and professional products of certified quality. Growing together by working together.

We believe in innovation

A Reliable company

We are a family company which sees the family in its own company. That’s why we look at the future, keeping our roots firmly in the territory, and we make long term plans at the side of our agricultural producers and our customers. Because we believe in the innovation and in the tomato pulp production sustainability.

Our principles: the environment and people

Our corporate policy

We have always based our corporate policy on principles of clearness and transparency in operating throughout the production chain, by investing in research, innovation and new technologies, and by respecting the environment and people. We respect the ethical principles instructed by international regulations and we are careful about both the customers’ needs and the expectations of the community and our staff. We consider our employees a strategic resource, we ensure their rights are respected and we promote their professional development. As a company with a green heart, we also invest in the environmental protection and in the food safety of products, selecting NO GMO tomatoes. These tomatoes are grown according to the Integrated Production Specifications with the QC brand (Controlled Quality) of the Emilia-Romagna region.


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