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Guarantee of a good tomato

QC Emilia Romagna

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Emilia Romagna is the land of tastiness. With more than 44 Dop and Igp products, Emilia Romagna region holds the European record of agri-food certificates with a "treasure map" which goes through all the provinces: from the fog around the river Po, to the sunny Adriatic beaches. A trip into quality where tradition and skills of agricultural producers, breeders, producers and companies of the sector are mixed with a careful policy of environment protection. Here the QC brand comes from, a control system to protect consumers and environment, based on sustainable farming practice and on biodiversity respect born of the cooperation between regional administration, producers and farmers. A virtuous modus operandi which farmers and producers endorse to protect and value the food and wine abundance of Emilia Romagna.

QC Brand

Human health, environmental protection

Adhering to QC, agricultural producers agree with principles of one of the strictest integrated production specifications of Europe. At the centre are human health and environmental protection. A capillary legislation which works on many levels throughout the whole supply chain: it guarantees maximum control on types and amount of chemical substances used in fields (phytosanitary products and fertilizers); it optimises the use of water and energy, it guarantees a controlled management of crop rotation and, in general, of respect for biodiversity on the territory. Steriltom buys and processes only tomatoes cultivated following the integrated production specification of Emilia Romagna region. To Steriltom the QC brand represents a commitment to customers to always provide a not only tasty, but also sustainable and healthy product.

Strict pattern of production

Obligations of concessionaire

Companies which adopt QC brand adhere to a production modus operandi that protects humans and environment. The specification includes: -a limited and selective use of fertilisers -a regulated and shared use of pesticides -a procedure of periodic crop rotation to guarantee the preservation of soil nutritional values and protect its fertility -use of scientific and optimised drip irrigation systems to avoid water dispersion -full sharing of decisions and strategies about the points above -periodic control by a certification third part institution The compliance with the rules is verified by certification body recognised by Emilia Romagna region, accredited in accordance with the standard UNI CEI EN/ISO/IEC 17065 for the agricultural product certification. Every year the CQ brand concessionaires have to provide the region with a report, containing: -final outcomes about exploitation of products achieved from QC brand -the certificate attesting the amount of QC products, issued by the certification body.



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